Boulder Valley Credit Union is YOUR eco-conscious credit union. We are the only financial institution in Boulder and the communities we serve to stress “going green” to the extent represented below. We believe environmentally-friendly business practices are extremely important, and this is another way your local credit union is doing love the earth everything possible to support your community.

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Green Mission Statement

• 100% of our marketing materials are printed on uncoated, 30% post-consumer recycled paper with soy or corn-based inks.
• We use 100% recycled-content copy paper at all of our locations, and employ responsibile purchasing practices for all other office equipment and supplies.
• We incorporate sustainable building features such as Solar Panels at our main branch location.
• We recycle at all of our locations and compost at our main branch location via our partnership with Eco-Cycle.
• We use compact fluorescent lighting (energy-efficient bulbs) at all of our locations.
• We reward members with eco-friendly incentives, including an energy-efficient light bulb to ALL new members.
• We sponsor local tree plantings via programs we sponsor through Boulder Valley School District.
• We partner with eco-friendly organizations to assist their organizations with reaching their eco-friendly goals.
• We offer eco-friendly pricing and incentives to members on products such as fuel-efficient autos and solar panel additions to their residence.

PACE Boulder Valley Credit Union is the FIRST financial institution in all of Boulder County to receive eco-conscious certification from Partners For A Clean Environment. PACE is the official environmental division of Boulder County.

BVCU went through an intensive review of our organizational eco-efforts and eco-offerings in order to receive the certification and qualify us as full-fledged eco-conscious institution.

PACE Boulder Valley Credit Union was awarded the CleanTech Silver Medal of Honor for Business Sustainability at the 2008 Sustainable Opportunities Summit held in Denver, Colorado.

The Summit brought in companies and researchers from across the nation including Governor Bill Ritter, representatives from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, National Center for Atmospheric Research, Wal-Mart, Toyota, Subaru, Coors, Corporate Express, Sun Microsystems, and many other local companies, researchers, and laboratories.

Check back often as we have many more Eco-Efforts in the works. We look forward to furthering our knowledge and involvement in this area and offering our members many more green products, services, and incentives in the future.

Become Eco-Friendly Yourself

Do you want to do something “green?”
We’d love for you to join us in our eco-friendly lifestyle.













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