Eco-Offerings From Your Eco-Conscious C.U.

What does being eco-friendly mean?
For us at Boulder Valley Credit Union, it’s a commitment to our community and sharing an amazing future together.  It’s a way for us to set the example for other financial institutions in the markets we serve. In addition to practicing what we preach and providing support to other eco-friendly organizations, we also provide eco-friendly offerings to our members.

It’s all part of being one of the forerunners in the eco-friendly movement and practicing responsibility within our environment.

Eco-Friendly Solutions:

  1. Save some trees with FREE e-Statements and Online BillPay
    Signup via Internet Banking for e-Statements and Online BillPay. Everything is electronic and completely and totally SECURE. Your statements are kept in an online archive for up to 7 years and you avoid the hassle of wasting paper, checks, and stamps when paying bills. Save some trees, signup today!
  1. Go Solar Just Like Us!
    Want to go solar on your residence just like your credit union? Receive discounted financing via a Home Equity Line of Credit with BVCU. Give us a call at 303.442.8850 for details.
  1. Checks on Recycled Paper
    We would rather you begin using your debit card more or open a credit card with a low rate from BVCU, but if checks are still your thing, you could consider choosing the recycled option on your next re-order.

For more information or for assistance with any of these offerings, call us at
303.442.8850 or 800.783.8850.











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